Food Gallery

Nothing But Lemon

Yogurt Parfait

Sugar Free Maple Flavored Granola

with Baked Cinnamon

& Brown Sugar Apples

24 Carrot Gold Smoothie

Raging Cajun

Cauliflower Tacos

Hearty Tuscan Style Vegetable Soup

Blueberry N Waffles Yogurt Parfait

Trail Mix Yogurt Bowl

Vegan Appetizers Dinner Plate

5 Star Dinner

No Way Chicken

N Waffles

Options may vary depending on availability, seasons,
and quality of ingredients.

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to sample Vegan Lady Soul’s food please
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My purpose and vision is: to mentor, inspire, and inform others on healthier
eating options for breakfast. lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Join the movement towards becoming a healthier person. Eat Vegan Style!