🌿 Meet Dr. Judy

I am a plant based Internal Medicine physician who is also board certified in Lifestyle Medicine. I am passionate about helping people prevent and reverse chronic diseases using lifestyle medicine and plant based nutrition. I have been plant based for just over 4 years. My journey started in 2011 when I started researching ways to prevent and reverse disease with the goal to help my patients. I discovered the overwhelming data supporting plant based nutrition. I began to slowly transition to eat more plant foods and less meat and dairy. I noticed that when I became vegan that my acne and acid reflux went away and I also had more energy.
My goal is to educate people regarding the benefits of a plant based diet and to inspire them to eat more whole plant foods. In many cases, individuals have been able to come off or reduce medication doses on a whole food plant based diet. As a physician, I see the consequences of poor diet and lifestyle choices with 80% of chronic diseases estimated to be directly related to it. Through my public speaking engagements, classes, workshops, and social media accounts (@theplantbasedmd), I help people to restore health naturally. Our bodies are remarkable and have the ability to maintain wellness and heal, if we put the right fuel in it. You can reach out to me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook at The Plant Based MD or you can visit my website www.theplantbasedmd.com